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The Best Freestyle Strips to Use with Your Glucose Monitoring System

With Freestyle Lite Strips, you can test anywhere you like with less pain and less time! The “no coding” technology makes Freestyle Strips more accurate. It has the worlds smallest blood sample size with just 0.3 to get accurate blood sugar readings. FreeStyle will change how you feel about testing your blood glucose levels.


  • Smaller Sample Amount

FreeStyle diabetic test strips had been created to prevent painful fingers by needing a small blood test – the tiniest in the world! Using the Freestyle Test Strips you’ll need merely a 0.3 microliter sample of blood. Despite this very little sample, FreeStyle guarantees precise test outcomes which are practically pain free. This is because of innovative, patented systems based upon coulometric measurements.

  • Coulometry Measurement

Coulometry is actually a distinctive electrochemical rating procedure made only for FreeStyle. Coulometric evaluation is unaltered by reaction levels and is perfect for computing a tiny blood sample.

  • Various Site Testing

You may also test from preference sites, minimizing the soreness of replicated testing of a single site. Freestyle Lite Test Strips help Alternate Site Screening, so you may test from your palm, fingertip, upper arm, forearm, calf, or thigh.

  • 15 Second Evaluation Results

Precise blood sugar results are readily available in just 15 seconds.

  • Capillary Measures

The FreeStyle Strips work with capillary action which performs like a cloth or sponge to pull away the accurate amount of blood required upon the test strip. You’ve got as much as a minute after the preliminary sample is taken to include more blood. The diabetes test strips function using the blood sugar meter that will beep when there’s enough blood sample to get accurate test outcomes.

What Freestyle strips to use?

When working with the FreeStyle Lite blood sugar monitoring program, it is critical to use the proper test strips.

Use only for In Vitro diagnostic.

1.                  FreeStyle Blood Sugar Test Strips usually are meant to be used with FreeStyle Freedom,

FreeStyle Flash, and FreeStyle (also called FreeStyle 3 and FreeStyle 5) meters only.

2.                  Blood Glucose Test Strips of FreeStyle Lite are intended to be applied with FreeStyle Freedom

Lite and FreeStyle Lite meters only.

These blood glucose meters incorporate a large monitor through an ergonomic style for screening that is hassle-free in your eyes and hands. FreeStyle strips products provide the most innovative in technology for dealing with your diabetes a lot easier than ever.


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