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Does OneTouch SureStep Test Strips Still Safe To Use?

Not all diabetic ever heard OneTouch SureStep test strips, but it is one of the products came from Lifescan. Year 2006 when the company stopped distributing the SureStep meter however, Lifescan continued to sell test strips.

Here are some features about SureStep test strips:

  • This strips had huge absorbent application area
  • Simple to use blood with covering
  • Easy blood application
  • Verification dot changes completely blue once sufficient blood is placed
  • These diabetic test strips can be purchased in bundles of 50 and 100 test strips.

The recall for OneTouch SureStep Test Strips

February 26, 2010, when FDA and LifeScan notified the public and healthcare professionals for a voluntary recall of SureStep Test Strips with a total of eight lots. These, test strips were used by diabetic patient to measure and monitor their blood sugar levels at home. These test strips according to Lifescan are being recalled due to they may provide inaccurate low glucose results especially when the sugar level is higher than 400 mg/dL.

It is a serious issue because when patients use the erroneously low glucose results to verify their insulin dose, there are big tendencies that these patients may give themselves low dose of insulin, which might result in poor glucose control. High blood sugar must be recognized at once and treated on time to avoid grave complications that can lead to coma and worse…death.

In the company’s press release, the eight lots of OneTouch SureStep strips that being recalled are identified. Those lot numbers can be seen both on the test strip vial and outer carton. LifeScan estimated that between August 1, 2009 and January 28, 2010, roughly 14,000 packages of 50- and 100-count of SureStep Test Strips were distributed nationwide.

Here are the lot numbers of recalled test strips:

# 2969251 of  OneTouch SureStep (100-ct)

# 2969798 of  OneTouch SureStep (100-ct)

# 2982369 of  OneTouch SureStep (100-ct)

# 2983467 of  OneTouch SureStep (100-ct)

# 2969795 of  OneTouch SureStep (50-ct)

# 2982566 of  OneTouch SureStep (50-ct)

# 2969481 of  Medicare/Mail Order (50-ct)

# 2998193 of  Medicare/Mail Order (50-ct)

This recall process to OneTouch SureStep test strips got many reactions from diabetic patients and concern people but most of them are focusing to the test strips credibility. And whether the manufacturer likes it or not, many customers are losing their confidence to the particular product.

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