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The Best Features of Contour Ascensia


The Contour Ascensia meter from Bayer makes use of a brand new test strip. This test strips keep the remarkable capillary measures of the Ascensia Elite and all it needs is merely 0.6 microliters of blood and assures testing outcomes in five seconds. The reduced blood amount and check time really are a considerable improvement well over other Ascensia meters, bringing Bayer once again competitive for children having diabetes for creating this meter.

Ascensia Contour is Exceptionally Recommended

The Ascensia Elite seems to have usually been identified as developing a test strip with outstanding capillary action. For decades, the Elite had been often regarded as the standard against that other end-fill digital test strips have been compared. Definitely, the Ascensia Contour’s test strip can be as good if not much better compared to Elite’s testing strip. The testers had been impressed by the functionality of this Contour’s testing strip to draw in blood.

Regarding children and youngsters, this ability is usually a good feature but is not essential. For parents of newborns or toddlers having diabetes, nevertheless, the remarkable capillary phase of the Contour’s testing strip provides an outstanding option. Any individual who has attempted to test a blood sugar level although holding a squirming, uncooperative youngster will probably be impressed by this particular test strip.

Important functions about Contour Ascensia consist of:

•           Computerized calibration for every test strip container

•           Capillary action testing strip that takes the blood to the strip instantly

•           Blood amount of 0.6 microliters

•           Change site accepted

•           Test results within five seconds

•           It has 480 memories intended for saving blood glucose readings

•           A 14-day blood sugar standard

•           Computer user interface port

•           It has a large display for easy reading

•           Works by using two standard watch batteries (performing for roughly 1,000 tests)

•           Shows glucose levels readings for mg/dL as well as mmol/L

•           Incredibly excellent owner’s guide book in English along with Spanish

•           With a warranty of five years


In case you are the mother or father of a diabetic child, the Ascensia Contour must be on your list of meters because of the amazing wicking action of this test strip. Even though the 0.6 microliter blood quantity is not the most effective around the industry (0.3 microliters is), it really is amongst the smallest. A particular tester had no issue getting adequate blood through an alternative site, and their similar tester found no problem having a very small fingerstick drop. The Contour Ascensia in short is an exceptional blood sugar meter for kids with diabetes mellitus.

One more wonderful feature of this Contour is that all the strips need no calibration, so you may open every strip vial, place the strip, and then examine your blood glucose. In case you use even more than 1 meter (possibly at home or school), this is an excellent feature.

Ultimately, the owner’s manual meant for the Contour Ascencia is extremely great, as just about all Ascensia guides. It consists of clear photos of the meter that will show every single procedure. Individuals new to blood sugar monitoring can effortlessly discover how you can work with the meter using alone the manual.

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